reading recap! + mutual aid + “what scares you?” blog post

Hi, pals,

💥 Thank you to all who came to the first THRASH Press event on Thursday at the garden! Initial reports suggest there were very Good Vibes, and I agree. Our readers and the open mic readers did a magical job, and it was wonderful to see lots of enthusiastic friends and neighbors plus some new (to me!) faces.

Five people in colorful outfits stand outdoors in front of a stage structure, smiling
Jackie Sherbow, Michael Steigman, Sherese Francis, Christine Kandic Torres, Emily Hockaday

💥 Sunnyside & Woodside Mutual Aid is looking for funds so they can continue to offer food relief, PPE, sanitary supplies, and more to the neighborhood(s) as they have been doing since 2020.

Text: Since the spring of 2020, Sunnyside & Woodside Mutual Aid has distributed and spent over $110,000 to care for our neighbors in Queens with free groceries, medicine, PPE, and other forms of support. We are now running critically low on the funds we need to continue this work--can you help us? and image on right is of a shopping pallet full of bulk items: tuna, beans, bread, peanut butter

💥 Finally, I was honored and spooky-scared to be invited to participate in Tara Laskowski's very cool blog, "What Scares You?" Visit to find out what scares me.

Screenshot of webpage: Tara Laskowski's What Scares You blog
I promise I own other clothing (see above!)

💥 Stay tuned to hear about the first 6 (six!) publications from THRASH!

And, as always, take care.

🌹 Jackie P.S. 🌹

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