Introducing THRASH Press + Newtown Literary submissions open

Hello, all!

Some of you have not heard from me since I signed off of social media. So, hi, I miss you! A couple of updates—bear with me, if you will. . . . 🐻

💥 I'm thrilled to introduce you to THRASH, a (teeny) tiny press. The idea of starting a small press has percolated in my mind for many months (years?). I'd also been popping in and out of community and activist spaces, trying to find my place. Speaking with a friend (Hi, A.!) about a project made me think: I can't write this, but I could publish it—and maybe that's my place.

The more noodling around I did, the more I saw I have the skills and experience to do it. Thus THRASH, a press dedicated to what we call friendly neighborhood literary anarchy. The press's goals are exploring DIY forms, artist collaboration, transparency, accessibility, values-aligned funding, free or pay-what-you-can publications whenever possible, and community solidarity.

Right now we're in baby stages. We'll start soon with selling DIY zine packets and in-house created print and digital zines. We hope then to be able to publish things like poems, essays, and genre fiction at chapbook and novella length, broadsides, propaganda campaigns, and more. For definitions of these terms, what we mean by literary anarchy, and funding and contact information, check the site! And please keep us in mind if you have something to submit.

💥 My other update is that Newtown Literary, the journal dedicated to writers in or from Queens, NY, is now open for submissions. We're publishing our 19th (!) issue this winter. We opened for Issue 19 submissions last November, but for the first time in Newtown history we didn't get enough submissions. So this is Issue 19, Round 2. If you have a connection to Queens, consider submitting.

💥 Meanwhile, please take care. Don't forget to drink some water. And if you need anything, let me know.


My new friend, Ruth. I don't know if you know this, but bettas are magical!

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