help our neighborhood art shop

Hi friends,

Sunnyside Arts has sustained water damage from the recent storms and is asking for donations to help them recover. Below is the note from their proprietor, and here is the link to their GoFundMe.

After last weekend's punishing downpours, a minor ceiling leak turned into a major flooding for my art supply shop and event space, Sunnyside Arts. As a small business it's always a struggle to thrive but a disruption of any size can be an impediment, especially when the landlord is still asking for rent and resources are thin. My goal has always been to nurture the creative spirit in people of all ages and levels of expertise, and my reward has been seeing how the community thrives on art. Your donation not only helps small business but it supports the arts. Thanks so much, Ed.

Please consider donating if you can! Let me know if you have and I will send you a zine and some bookmarks. 🌧️

Your friend,


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